Whether you're looking to inspire thousands or simply hope to spark authentic living in your local community, Jeanine's message reaches far and wide. Her keynotes are designed to light a fire in any sized audience, simply choose one that suites your event or let her know what you're looking for in the contact form below.


Drawing from material in Patten-Coble’s book, Struck by Hope, and the creation of her non-profit organization, Patten-Coble reveals for leaders the path to answer a call and take on a new purpose in life, despite overcoming immense obstacles. Her story will inspire your audience to live a ridiculously present life and develop a plan for creating a life full of purpose and hope.


Patten-Coble’s story of fighting breast cancer and creating the non-profit, Little Pink Houses of Hope will reach into the heart of your audience and reveal a plan for making large scale changes to have the life that you desire. The road may not be easy, but through examples, stories, and planning, the keynote will have your audience walking out the door inspired to be a person in the front row seat of life.


Explore the idea of becoming ridiculously present. This simple idea, discovered and explained by Jeanine Patten-Coble, explains how to remove the barriers that are keeping you from living an authentic, engaged life. Patten-Coble explains how to incorporate this idea into business strategies, organizational structures and interpersonal interactions.


In a unique session that explores the questions that need to be asked by individuals or corporations to be successful in charting their own course, the audience will discover how to never look at the idea of “keeping up with the Jones’” ever again. A truly inspirational session, this will inspire your stakeholders to think differently about how they approach work and organizational structure.

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