Welcome to My World

My main goal in life is to feel like every interaction that I have with another individual ends with them feeling and knowing how much they matter to me. Thanks so much for being interested in being on this journey together! My goal is to share the stories that touch my life and to hear from you about the stories and events that have molded you and brought you to your unique place in life.

My unique place right now is one in which I work tirelessly for the non-profit that I started- trying every day to grow and help people during the difficult cancer journey.
My unique place is also one where I am trying to balance the demands of a travel schedule with being a wife.
My unique place consists of having a son who is a sophomore in college and is finding his way- and of course, learning to give him the space to become his own man and find his own unique place.
My unique place is one in which I have launched my first book and put my heart out there for others to see. This is my vulnerable place.
My unique place is one energized by the people that I engage when I speak and share a vision and path for living an authentic life.
My unique place is also full of worry and concern, like many other cancer survivors, about the fear of a recurrence.
My unique place is one in which I had to open up my heart to a God that loves me and watch his purpose in my life unfold.

My unique place is one I want you to be a part of!